Rising Above

Nortech Trinity's sole focus is to help companies navigate complex Indian market through our strong understanding and expertise of India, its policies and regulations, advantages and challenges thus empowering our clients to make decisions that ensure their long term profitability, growth and expansion.

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About us

At Nortech Trinity, We work with Technlogy companies to provide innovative & integrated solutions to enable a successful entry and expansion in India. We bring innovative ideas in Product Development, Technology Transfer, and Consulting to achieve cutting edge and way ahead of the competition.

Oil and Gas

Nortech Trinity group is a multi-disciplined group of Indian companies providing a dynamic range of technical specialist and support services to the oil, gas and energy sectors and is facilitated by experienced Management.


Nortech Trinity and its partners develop industrial digitalization technologies, invests in such products and improves the Industrial Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence , Robotics environment. We provide full range of system integration services.

Coal and Mining

Nortech Trinity’s key areas of expertise in the coal sector are Trading-To export, import, purchase, sale, process, packing, produce, distribute, warehousing, swap and transit of all types of coal especially metallurgy coal.


Nortech Trinity conducts market researches based on investment opportunities in the industry. The process that we carry out through consulting services includes an overall study structure of market research combined with investment prospects and product reports.


The company provides cost effective services in engineering, Technology and Projects in the process industry.


Nortech Trinity covers all technical, commercial, regulatory and environmental aspects of renewable projects. We bring world class expertise in the latest generation technologies.


Every aspect of Nortech operations is streamlined to make great efficiency its trademark, from supply, to detailing all the way through to delivery of smart projects.

The legacy

Our brand is synonymous with the innovation and client value creation, domain knowledge and a very specific focus on commercializing the technology. Every client engagement we initiate reinforces our message of alliance and reliance.

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