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Nortech Trinity conducts market researches based on investment opportunities in the industry. The process that we carry out through consulting services includes an overall study structure of market research combined with investment prospects and product reports.

The company provides cost effective services in engineering, Technology and Projects in the process industry.

Nortech Trinity has the team of experienced and highly qualified professionals, technologist, capable staffs and skilled workers. Those with a technically proficiant staff, we are able to penetrate specific market in industries quickly in great success.

Our’s Vast Expertise at Your Disposal

Nortech Trinity service offer is comprehensive,
and above all, it is always fine-tuned to best meet your needs.

Nortech Trinity is best suited to support chemical companies in achieving their aspirations in India as we have

In-depth understanding of the Indian Chemical Sector

  • Extensive work done on strategic market assessment, entry strategy, long term strategic planning, growth strategy
  • Industry reports: IndiaChem, specially chemicals, Construction chemicals, Agrochemicals, IndiaChem Gujarat amongst others

Knowledge partner to Government of India for ‘India Chemical Vision 2020 Task Force’ to formulate National Chemical Policy

  • Access to policy makers in the chemical sector
  • Well established network with all key industry participants

In-depth knowledge of downstream industries

  • Through understanding and extensive work done in key end-use industries like Construction, Solar, Packaging, Automotive etc

Knowledge and IP driven company with proprietary database, benchmark data, tools and frameworks

  • To reduce project execution time and provide comprehensive information and insights to clients

Some of the services we offer of relevance for you are typically

  • Trading-To export, import, purchase, sale, process, packing, produce, distribute, warehousing, swap and transit of fertilizers.
  • Catalyst synthesis and New Catalyst development
  • Advance Reactor design and setups
  • Reactor Simulation & Studies on Gas technology
  • Modelling and data analysis
  • Defining and solving problems
  • Lab reactors and equipment
  • Commercializing of technology.
  • To invest and participate in projects and companies independently or in partnership with real and legal persons.

A cornerstone of Nortech’s capabilities is having access to advance gas reactor laboratory for polymerisation and gas process simulations.

  • Various aspects of gas handling, reactions and products can be studied for different processes.
  • We have access to wide range of lab reactors in different sizes.
  • Market intelligence for expanding your market or value pricing of your products
  • Assessment of your products and issuing of neutral certificates for your marketing and approval work at your customers
  • Benchmarking of your products
  • Polymer structure and properties – how these interact with your development product
  • Evaluation of in-situ additivation in bench scale reactors

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