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Nortech Trinity can help you meet pipeline safety regualtions whether it is new system or existing anywhere in the world, whether it is offshore, inshore, deep-water and in remotest of places.

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Nortech Trinity and its partners believe that every pipe and conduit is different, and so are rehabilitation methods. The various rehabilitation technologies available in the market carry different benefits. We offers a variety of lining and repair systems and customises solutions to meet your parameters.

Pipeline Inspection Tool

This tools helps to examine the issues that can cause you problems, such as corrosion, pipeline movement, mechanical damage, or problems with cathodic protection besides Pipeline Coating Systems and Pipeline Integrity Management Systems.

Pipeline Debris Remover

  • Our technology partners removes different debris deposits, including wax, liquids, black powder, rust, and millscale.
  • We’ll get you back on track and improve the efficiency of your system without taking it offline.
Nortech Trnity increases pipeline safety with inspection services, testing, cleaning, and drying. By engineering our services to suit your specific project, you’ll have a more cost-effective solution.

Pipeline Offline Service

  • we can remove the product safely by purging with nitrogen and leave the pipeline in a condition that won’t hurt the environment.
  • We have performed broad-based reviews of management systems for pipeline system operators, evaluating documented processes and systems.

Our services cover the entire project cycle and include:

Nortech Trinity specialises in the following services:

  • Pipe Re-lining
  • Pipe Repair
  • Manhole & Inspection Chamber Rehabilitation
  • Water Proofing
  • Pre commissioning of New Pipelines
  • Flooding, Cleaning and Gauging
  • Hydrotesting of new pipelines
  • Pneumatic Testing
  • Specialized Mechanical and Chemical Cleaning
  • Bulk Dewatering
  • Glycol and Methanol Swabbing
  • Drying by Vacuum, Nitrogen or Air
  • Nitrogen Purging and Packing
  • Commissioning of New Pipelines
  • Pipeline Maintenance and Abandonment
  • Pipeline Multi Product Transfer
  • Pipeline Online Maintenance Pigging
  • Pipeline Nitrogen Purging and Product Displacement
  • Pipeline Geometry and Location (XYZ) Caliper surveys
  • Pipeline Intelligent Pigging and Inspection Surveys (Using MFL/UT)
  • Pig Manufacturing and SupplyHigh Volume Fluid Pumping

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