Nortech Trinity is engaged in trading of energy and commodities and representing various Global Leader companies in India and marketing innovative products in India.

Physical trading, logistics and distribution are at the core of the business, but are complemented by refining, shipping, terminals, exploration and production, power generation, mining and retail businesses. Commodities are not always produced close to where there is demand. Physical traders act as distributors, supplying customers and moving products around the world.

Our’s Vast Expertise

Nortech Trinity have a detailed overview of macro and micro trends. As physical traders, we gain first-hand experience of economic fundamentals as they play out on the ground. We form strategic alliances. We have extensive logistical and storage capability around the world.

Nortech Trinity Trades in:

Petroleum Products

Crude oil, Fuel Oil, LPG, Natural Gas, LNG, Ethanol, Base oils, Gasoline, Naphtha, Middle Distillates, Methanol.

Metals and Minerals

Coal, Iron, Bauxite, Aluminium, Zinc, Copper, Lithium.

Agri Prodcuts

Urea, Fertilizers.

Polymers and Chemicals

  • Ethyl hexanoic acid ethyl
  • Hexanoic acid, Acetone, Acrylonitrile (ACN)
  • Ammonium chloride
  • Barium Carbonate
  • Benzene, Benzoic acid
  • Borax, Boric acid
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Capric acid (Decanoic acid)
  • Caprioc Acid (Hexanoic acid)
  • Caprolactam flake
  • Caprylic acid
  • Caustic soda flakes ,Caustic soda pearls ,Caustic soda solutions
  • Cetyl / Stearyl achohol
  • Cetyltrimethylammoniumc
  • Crude glycerin , Cyclohexane

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