Agriculture contributes 18% to GDP of India, but most importantly Agriculture provides employment to more than 50% of India’s work force. Such inefficiency can be attributed to poor farming practices, slow adoption of technology, overuse of pesticides and insecticides, among other problems.

To make great efficiency its trademark, from supply, to detailing all the way through to delivery, it takes a team that is time smart, people smart and technical smart.

Nortech Trinity can help
Farmers and Agricultural Organisations

Overcome the above mentioned issued with its proprietary and expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IOT) and Robotics in following manners.

Nortech Trinity is looking forward to represent companies, who have expertise in following areas

Usage of Drones and Robots

The drones are equipped with a camera that collect visual data about crops and run AI algorithms on the edge to decide instantly whether or not a cure is needed for weeds, insects or disease management. The robots precisely spray just the perfect amount of chemicals only on plants that are affected, which prevents over spraying.

IOT and AI

Nortech Trinity can install sensors in farms which continuously monitors data points like humidity levels, temperature amongst many other critical data points.

With the help of AI, this data can be analysed to make predictions about micro-climate, diseases, and pests. Based on this analysis, it suggests actions to farmers regarding fertilizing and irrigating the crops as well as the place where that specific action is required.

This allows crops to be sprayed or irrigated only when they are in need of it, therefore effectively curbing wasteful irrigation and overuse of chemicals.

This AI can also help farmers change the crop life cycle such as changing the harvesting and sowing season of crop to overcome rain or drought irregularities due to global warming.

Nortech Trinity also provide other services such as:

  • To invest and participate in projects and companies independently or in partnership with real and legal persons.
  • Commercializing of technology.

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