Coal and Mining


India is the world’s fifth largest producer of coal but still coal is one of the major commodities imported by India especially steam coal, metallurgy coal and coking coal.

Coal is likely to remain the mainstay of India’s power generation. Coal currently represents 60% of the country’s total power installed capacity, and some 77 GW of coal-based power projects are under construction and slated to come online between now and 2030.

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According to Industrial Resources:

  • India is expected to become the largest importer of coking coal through sea route by 2022.
  • Data Shows that India imported 52.26 million tonnes of coking coal in 2018, up 14 percent from 45.93 million tonnes in 2017.
  • Imports of coking coal - which is mainly used in the manufacturing of steel - rose at the quickest rate since 2015.


In mining Nortech Trinity mainly focus on Copper, Aluminium , Iron and Lithium mines.


India’s refined copper output is now forecasted to drop to 540kt in FY19, from 843 kilo tonns in FY18, which may require the country to import copper.
With the Indian copper market forecasted to grow at 8-10% in 2019-20, driven by upcoming infrastructure projects and increased rural and railway electrification, there is a simultaneous focus on ramping up mine supply.
There exists a massive opportunity for Greenfield exploration and Brownfield expansion.


Indian iron ore output grew 9% on year to year basis to exceed 200 million tonns for the first time since FY11. Despite having a reserve potential to be net sufficient in iron ore, India faces challenges in extracting complete value, with ongoing uncertainty including higher domestic freight costs, insufficient infrastructure and lack of economies of scale.


India was the fourth largest aluminum producer and consumer in the world in 2017. Aluminum production grew 17% year on year basis to 3.2 million tonns in 2017 while consumption grew 9% year on year basis to 2.4 million tonns.
Indian aluminum demand will essentially come from the automotive, construction and packaging sectors. The long term growth prospects in the construction industry are driven by the country’s sizable infrastructure deficit and the government’s development plans, which encompass projects ranging from rail and power networks to smart-city infrastructure.

Nortech Trinity is looking forward to represent companies, who have expertise in:

  • Providing robotic vehicles in mines to carry load.
  • Fully automation and digitization of the mines.
  • Health and safety assessment with usage of AI AND IOT.
  • Provide safety solutions for mines.

Nortech Trinity’s key areas of expertise in the coal and mining sector are:

  • Joint Venture through Network.
  • Trading-To export, import, purchase, sale, process, packing, produce, distribute, warehousing, swap and transit of all types of coal especially metallurgy coal, Copper, Aluminum, Iron, Lithium and rare earth metals.
  • Commercializing of technology.
  • To participate in governmental and non-governmental tenders and bids.
  • Custom clearance of all goods.
  • Technical auditing and due diligence.
  • Assessment of the life of mine plan.
  • Infrastructure and logistics planning.
  • Environmental and social impact assessments.

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